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My 1st Hoodie

Posted on Nov 11, 2015 in Pictures | 0 comments

Pixel's 1st HoodieMommy has been taking pictures of me every week since she brought me home at just before 8 weeks old – until last week!  Week 25 and she forgot – can you believe that?!  She felt really bad when she realized that it was way too late to take a picture by Friday.  It’s starting to get colder here, and I couldn’t hang out with Daddy out in his man cave in the evenings for as long, so she bought me a hoodie!

Do you like it? I do.  It’s fleece and snuggly and Daddy noticed that I seem a lot calmer – he said it might work like a Thundershirt a little, whatever that is.  Mommy bought it from Amazon – we can be twinsies if you want to get one too!

Pixel's 1st HoodieGooby Every Day Fleece Cold Weather Dog Vest with Hoodie for Small Dogs


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